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PANAMA - Morgan Estate Radiance/ Carbonic Maceration

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Tasting Notes:
Orange blossom, raspberry, star anise & yellow plum

Origin Panama
Region Volcan
Farm Jamison Savage
Variety Geisha
Altitude 1750m
Proc. Method Carbonic Maceration


Jamison Savage is the owner and producer of this 90+ coffee. He moved with his wife Leslie and their 3 children to Panama, permanently, almost nine years ago. They moved from Florida, United States. Since then Jamison has focused his professional energy on coffee production at Deborah. Jamison’s sustainable approach to farming mixed with highly advanced technological practices, a deep respect for nature, and sense of community guide him in being one of the most impressive coffee producers in the world.

Regarded as the producer of some of the best quality coffees in Panama and the world, Jamison Savage and his coffee farms are frequently heard and represented on the world stage at various competitions.

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