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ETHIOPIA - Halo Beriti Yirgacheffe / Natural

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Tasting Notes:

Origin Ethiopia
Region Yirgacheffe
Farm Small Producers of Halo Beriti
Variety Native Heirloom
Altitude 2,000-2,200m
Proc. Method Natural

Most contributing farmers own less than a hectare of land, and they grow coffee simply as a backyard cash crop. Coffee will usually be interspersed with other subsistence crops, such as sweet potato, mangos and avocados, but there are no other primary cash crops grown in the region.

Most coffee grown in the region is 100% organic, though not certified, as farmers simply don’t have the money to apply chemical fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides.

Coffee is selectively hand-picked before being delivered to the mill collection points, usually within 5 km of the producers’ homes. Great care is taken upon delivery to separate out any overripe, underripe or damaged beans before consolidating with other lots for the road to the wet mill.


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