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COLOMBIA - Small Producers of Caicedo / Washed

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Tasting Notes:
Apple, caramel, red berries, rich toffee sweetness. Balanced finish

Origin Colombia
Region Caicedo
Farmer 9 Producers
Variety Caturra, Colombia
Altitude 1,900-2200 m.a.s.l
Proc. Method Fully Washed


This coffee was grown and processed by nine smallholder producers that are situated around the town and municipality of Caicedo, located in the high mountains of Western Antioquia, Colombia. The producers are Ruben Dario Gomez, Juan Tabares, Edgar Jimenez, Jairo Alcaraz, Argiro Alcaraz, Jesus Rivera, Over Rivera, Duberlay Rivera and Bernando Montoya.

During the 1990s and 2000s, this area was very dangerous, with different rebel and paramilitary groups vying for control of the region. The small town of Caicedo and its surrounds witnessed extreme violence, while coffee farmers suffered exploitation and extortion. Thankfully, times have changed and Caicedo now is in a peaceful economic renaissance, where specialty coffee production is playing a crucial role in helping communities flourish and gain prosperity.

The farms that contributed to this lot are very small – on average just 2.5 hectares in size – and are located at a staggering 1900-2200m above sea level. The coffee is grown on the side of a deep canyon, which drops down to the mighty Cauca River, some 500m above sea level. The steep canyon walls trap warm currents, which circulate to higher ground, allowing for coffee to be grown at elevations that are unheard of in other parts of Antioquia. The unique geological attributes of the region contribute to the outstanding cup profile of coffees farmed and processed in the area.

Coffee in Caicedo is farmed with traditional techniques. Fertilisation occurs around three times a year, usually after manual weeding, and pesticides are rarely used. The coffee is selectively hand-harvested, with most labour being provided by the farmers and their families.



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